Crestview Orphan Care has become Emerald Coast Orphan Care!

Crestview Orphan Care was born from a passion and desire to follow Christ’s call to care for and love children that are orphaned or abandoned. In the summer of 2011, several families from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Crestview, FL, compelled by a passion and burden for these children began asking God how He would use them for the cause of the orphan. This core group of families, all of whom were foster or adoptive families, began to see God at work. Soon more and more families from the church and local community began to sense God’s call to be a part of the foster and adoptive community.

Over the years, many families have responded to the need, and other churches and organizations have come to support the vision of recruiting high quality, Christian foster and adoptive families. Our name change reflects our heart to partner with other churches, equip those churches to care for children and families, and expand our reach or awareness, advocacy, and support.

Our vision is simply this: We believe that God has not commissioned one single agency to address the orphan crisis in our community and around the world. He has commissioned His church. As recipients of grace, we want to extend that grace to others.

We are not heroes

We are not rescuers.
We are the rescued.
Because Christ has rescued us, our desire is to show His love and mercy to those around us who are the most vulnerable.
Our desire and vision is that what God is allowing us to be a part of will transform and change communities and generations to come.
Our mission is expressed in three purposes:
1) to raise awareness and advocacy for children who have been abandoned or orphaned locally, nationally, and globally
2) to mobilize the church to respond to the need of the orphan
3) to equip, assist, support, and network  families  who are fostering and adopting
4) to strategically partner with local and global agencies and ministries to assist them in their work in caring for children
Emerald Coast Orphan Care is a partner member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, a nationwide network of orphan care ministries that exist to meet the needs of vulnerable children.
If you are sensing the desire to know more about how to be involved with foster care and adoption, please check out our
How to Respond
page. In addition, if you would like to talk to someone about foster care and adoption, please Contact Us.
Thank you,
Justin Wyatt, Team Leader, Emerald Coast Orphan Care