With adoption expenses ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $45,000, the cost of adoption can seem daunting to many. However, many ministries and organizations exist to help families with adoption expenses through grants and zero or low-interest loans. We hope that you find this list of resources helpful. Detailed information about each grant and loan program is available on individual websites. Each organization has different requirements for applying families including need, qualifications, stage, fee, and application deadline. Many of these resources are specifically from Christian organizations and ministries; however not all are. We encourage you to prayerfully consider which programs you will apply to, and trust God to provide for your needs. If God has called you to adopt, He will provide!

Heart of the Bride

Heart of the Bride ministers to orphans, street children, and vulnerable women. Heart of the Bride provides one-time grants and matching grants for families pursuing domestic and/or international adoption. Amounts vary.

Show Hope

Show Hope is a non-profit organization that helps meet the needs of orphans by providing waiting families with adoption aid grants and medical care for orphans with special needs. Amounts vary.

LifeSong for Orphans

Lifesong helps remove financial barriers in adoption through matching grants, interest-free loans, and Both Hands service projects to help raise funds for adoptions. Amount: $1,000-$4,000 for grants; up to $12,000 for loans.

National Military Family Association (NMFA)

The military will reimburse active-duty personnel for most one-time adoption costs up to $2,000 per child. In addition, a child with special needs may be eligible for monthly assistance.

Sea of Faces

Sea of Faces provides Christian adoptive families with financial assistance through one-time grants. Amount: $1,000-$3,000.

Katelyn’s Fund

Katelyn’s Fund exists to raise orphan awareness, to provide emotional and prayer support to families, and to assist Christian families with the high cost of adoption through adoption grants. Amount: $3,000.

God’s Grace Adoption Ministry

God’s Grace Adoption Ministry, Inc is a non-profit organization providing matching grants to adoptive families seeking to provide a loving, Christ-centered family for children. Amount: $2,500.


ABBA fund provides interest-free covenant loans to Christian couples who feel called to adopt but who need help with funding. Amount: No limit.

A Child Waits Foundation

A Child Waits Foundation provides low interest adoption loans and adoption grants for families seeking international adoption who will not be able to afford adoption without assistance. Consideration is given to age/medical condition of the child, adoption cost, and the family’s financial need. Amount: Up to $5,000 for grants, up to $10,000 for loans.

Gift of Adoption Fund

Gift of Adoption Fund is a national organization that inspires adoption by providing grants to qualified families for both domestic and international adoptions. Amount: $1,000-$7,500.

Affording Adoption Foundation

The Affording Adoption foundation helps families with adoption expenses for both international and domestic adoptions by providing one-time adoption grants. Amount: $1,000.

National Adoption Foundation

The National Adoption Foundation was established in 1994 by adoptive parents for adoptive parents. The National Adoption Foundation provides grants for families pursuing any legal adoption, including domestic adoption, international adoption, and foster care adoption. Amount: $500-$2,500.

One Less Ministries

One Less Ministries seeks to work towards one less: one less orphan, one less victim of human trafficking, one less victim of exploitation one less victim of poverty. One Less Ministries provides one-time grants for families seeking domestic or international adoptions. Amount: $500.

Families Outreach

Families Outreach exists to bring hope to the fatherless by developing partnerships with orphan care providers, mobilizing the church, and assisting couples adopting through financial grants. Amount: Unspecified.

Help us Adopt

Help Us Adopt is a non-profit 501(c)(3) financial grant program for families adopting domestically or internationally. Amount: Varies from $500-$15,000 depending on need and circumstances.

A Little Something Extra Foundation

A Little Something Extra Foundation provides families with grants who are pursuing the adoption of a child with special needs. Amount: Unspecified

Federal Adoption Tax Credit

The federal government offers a nonrefundable adoption tax credit in the amount of $12,650 per child for qualifying adoption expenses. Please visit the IRS page for specifics on claiming this credit.