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Over 500,000 children in the Unites States rely on compassionate, committed and loving foster parents to provide the safe, nurturing homes they so desperately need. These children have suffered abuse or neglect, and have been removed from their homes, having their
sense of security stripped away from them.
When they leave their homes, they leave all that is familiar. Uncertain of what tomorrow will bring, these children become part of
another family – their foster family – until they can safely return home or, if that’s never possible, until they can join a “forever family” through adoption.
As a foster parent, you open your heart, home and family to kids in need of stability, love, guidance and acceptance. Sometimes a child
will be part of their foster family for a few days, a few months, or even a few years.
Emerald Coast Orphan Care partners locally with Families First Network  and The Florida Baptist Children’s Home to recruit and support foster families. If you are in the Emerald Coast area and interested in pursuing foster care, please contact us, and we will assist you in the process of initiating with Florida Baptist Children’s Home or Families First Network.
If you are outside the Emerald Coast region, please contact your local state or private agency. Click here for a state by state resource of foster care service providers.
10 Questions for Parents Preparing to Foster or Adopt