There is an incredible wealth of resources for foster and adoptive families online. The list below is a compilation of helpful sites. Some sites focus on parenting and attachment strategies, while others focus on support and networking. We hope that these sites are a helpful tool for you and your family.


Adoption Journey – a helpful website for families considering adoption; offers resources on how to begin the process, and provides information about other adoptive families’ stories

Empowered to Connect – an incredible collection or articles, videos and blogs focused on child/parent attachment; highly recommended

Cry of the Orphan – provides information about the global need for orphan care as well as ideas on how to get involved in orphan care

Adoption Learning Partners – provides informational webinars for adoption education, including courses required for Hague country certification (required for some countries for international adoption) – a website offering information and resources on attachment and bonding issues, early trauma, and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) – offers information on treatment and parenting models for children who have experienced trauma and abuse

Focus on the Family Resources – resources for foster and adoptive families

Focus on the Family Communities – an interactive online community helps you connect with other families and share ideas and resources

Zero to Three – a national non-profit that focuses on infant and toddler development including the experiences of children who have experiences trauma

Fostering Hope Project – provides tools, networking, and information for those involved in foster care

RADmom – provides resources, ideas, and strategies for parenting a child with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder)

The Children’s Center – provides resources for families on infant and young children mental health


Attachment and Bonding

What Every Adoptive Parent Should Know
Starting at the Beginning with Your Child
A New Definition of Attachment/Regulation
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Connecting Through Everyday Baby Care

Behaviors, Training, and Discipline

Unique Challenges
Focusing on Food and Nutrition
Keys to an Effective Time In
Will Trust Based Parenting Prepare My Child for the Real World

Handling Lying
Keeping Connection as the Goal
Healthy Discipline for Adoptive Children


Church Orphan Care

The Theology of Adoption
Hope for Orphans
Mobilizing The Church

Tapestry Ministry
Practical Help for Families in Crisis

Transracial Adoption

The Color of Adoption
The Risk of Transracial Adoption
Jen Hatmaker Blog

Transracial Adoption and the Gospel
Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care

Talking to Your Child About Adoption

More Than Just Words
Give Your Child Permission to Process Feelings
Why Children Need to Know Their Adoption Story

Principles for Telling a Child’s Life Story
Talking to Kids About Adoption
Is that Your Real Sister?

How to Talk to Others About Adoption (Family, Coworkers, Teachers, etc.)

Becoming and Advocate for Your Child at School
What Your Child’s Teacher Needs to Know

Adoption Devotions

Adoptive Parent Devotions

Conferences and Retreats

Created for Care
Empowered to Connect
Together for Adoption