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“By this all people will know you are my disciples: if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

There are a number of ways you can support foster and adoptive families. Below are just a few ideas. If you are interested in learning about Emerald Coast Orphan Care’s Community of Support model for the local church, please contact us.

1. Pray for them.

A family that commits to foster or adopt needs people who are willing to support them in prayer, interceding for them and for their children. If you know a foster or adoptive family, ask them how you can pray specifically for them, and covenant with them to pray regularly. If you do not know a family, contact us and let us assist you in matching you with a family.

2. Support them practically: meals, childcare, service, etc.

If you know of someone fostering and adopting, they may have needs that can be met practically. Offer a family to be a support person for them by offering to do a meal regularly for them, volunteering for yard work, offering childcare during doctors appointments (or for a date night out). Adoptive and foster families will need extra support during the immediate times that they receive a child into their home. If you are interested in joining one of our meal teams, or childcare teams, or help teams, please contact us.

3. Support adoptive families financially by giving to a trusted grant agency.

Private adoption and international adoptions are expensive, and for many families, this is only possible through grants. By giving to a grant agency, you not only provide for a family to adopt, but also for a child to have a family. If you would like to donate, Emerald Coast Orphan Care partners with Heart of the Bride Ministries and their adoption grant program.

4. Help an adoptive family raise funds for adoption and give sacrificially.

There are endless possibilities of ways to help a family raise money for an adoption. Some great ideas: host a yard sale; sell homemade goods; if you have your own business or are an independent sales rep, donate a portion of your sales; host a Heart of the Bride jewelry party, create and sell T-shirts, organize a Lifesong Both Hands work day; you get the picture! The only limitation is your imagination when it comes to helping someone fund adoption. We encourage you to give sacrificially to help children find their ‘forever families.’

5. Be their advocate.

A great way to support foster and adoptive families is to be their advocate. Try to learn as much as you can about the unique needs of children in foster care and adopted children. (Check out our resources). By learning more about foster and adoptive families, you help by being an informed support, and in turn you can help raise awareness and advocacy for these children and their families.