“We are not all called to adopt these children into our families. But we are all called to look at them,
even though it makes our eyes burn, and be willing to let their needs disrupt our lives.”
— Kristin Swick Wong

At times the need can seem overwhelming, and even paralyzing. While no one person can make a difference for every orphan, you can
make the difference for one. What you wish you could do for everyone, do for one…and then another…and then another.
In James 1:27, we are told that true religion is to serve the orphan and the widow. There are no loopholes in this verse. The text does not imply,serve them only if you are young; only if you are married; only if you are wealthy; only if you have a big house; only if you have extra time;only if (fill in any excuse). God calls us all to be a part of serving these children. While not everyone can or should invite children into their homes, everyone can play a role in caring for them.


What is your part?